What is Rethinking UX exactly ?

We got an opportunity to participate in a Workshop named "RUX" (or "Rethinking UX). The goal is to rethink fonctionality of an app or a website, which we got a list to choose from. The following could be chosen : Uber Eats, Medium, Twitter, Pinterest and Whatsapp.

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The Working Group

Uber Eats

Uber Eats, the choice of curiosity or of gluttony ?

Our choice came to be Uber Eats, because we know similar apps that offer the same type of service. We just never tried Uber Eats service in particular.

The app offers us?

Uber Eats is a food delivery app. It allows users to select a restaurant nearby, depending on the location, there are more or less choices available. Afterwards, the food will be deliverd directly to you. You can expect approximately 2.5€ of charges per delivery.

This app flourishes, when you want to stay at home and don’t want to cook or if you simply have no time to lose. Also, it allows the restaurants that don’t possess delivery service, to deliver food anyway. There is also an option to be the delivery boy or girl. However, this action brings us to the page of Uber and you no longer are on the Uber Eats app.

Its functionalities

The main functionality is, of course, the food delivery, but we also have the functionality to manage the previous or upcoming orders or to edit and customize our profile.

Let's rethink & improve

Finding a weak spot!

While using the Uber Eats app and testing it out on myself. I found something that really bothered me. I wanted to order 2 same mac menus for me and my girlfriend and, as always, we only wanted diffrent drinks on our menu.

So we have the exact same menu except the drink. However, the app currently does only allow you to have 100% same menu, that means drinks have to be the same too. Therefore, if you really want your drink and also not anger your girlfriend, you are forced to redo the action of adding another menu manually.

In addition, only one element can be selected in one category. That is simply annoying and exactly therefore we can see this as a weak spot!

On this video, you can visualize the problems mentioned above.

The solution

The problem is that we have to redo menus even if there is only a slight change. In addition, only one element can be selected per category (starches, size, etc). The solution that I came up for this, allows the user to select as many of whatever he or she wants from a menu without redoing it at least not for the exact same menu.

In this picture you can visualize the changes made. Also, every element has the possibility to be added as many times as desired.

screenshoot of uber eats edited by daniel so it shows his idea.

Finished or repeat ?

To test if this solution is really a solution rather than a fail, I created a prototype that I drew on paper. In order for my users to understand the purpose of my paper prototype, I asked my users if it was okay for them to test both ,the real app and my prototype.

I found the results rather positive, this means I'm not forced to reapeat my previous steps. I just have to edit minor tweeks like the placement of elements. Therefore, I consider it a finish

Small preview of the paper prototype. Go to case study to find the complete version.

Hope you had a pleasant read !

Dear reader, thanks you coming this far. I recommend to continue reading the case-study or to check out my WG members main page, where you can check out their projects.